Social Media Best Practices #JADPROLive

We’ve created this best practices guide for attendees to consider when posting on social media regarding the JADPRO Live Virtual conference. We encourage you to share key points from presentations and activities, connect with other attendees, and continue the discussion on your preferred social platforms. Help us keep the conversation going!

Make Sure to Follow JADPRO, APSHO, and #JADPROLive on Social Media

#JADPROLive is our official conference hashtag. Using the hashtag will make it easier for attendees to see your posts and engage with you directly. Add it to each post and tweet.

Not sure what to post?

Here are some samples to get you started. Be sure to use the correct handle for the social media site you are posting to.

Who else is attending the annual @JADPRO conference, #JADPROLive Virtual?

1:28 PM · Oct 7, 2021

One key takeaway for me from the session on (topic) during #JADPROLive Virtual was (key takeaway)

4:26 PM · Oct 9, 2021

Looking forward to discussing (name of session/topic) during #JADPROLive Virtual! See you there at (date/time).

11:20 AM · Oct 7, 2021

Excited to be attending #JADPROLive Virtual! Join me to learn more about (name of session/topic)

4:31 PM · Oct 15, 2021

I’m attending the annual @JADPRO conference, #JADPROLive. Join me 10/7–10/17, 2021 for this virtual event for #hematology #oncology #AdvancedPractitioners.

3:56 PM · Oct 1, 2021

I attend #JADPROLive because (insert reason here)

3:19 PM · Oct 11, 2021

Best quote of the day from #JADPROLive Virtual “(quote)” (tag the presenter if they’ve shared their profile information)

2:01 PM · Oct 16, 2021

My favorite part of #JADPROLive Virtual so far is (insert favorite here)

7:06 PM · Oct 14, 2021

We’ll see you online!

Watch for the social media icons within the conference platform. Click on them and join the conversation!

Questions or Concerns?

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