Bedside Stories: True Tales from a Lifetime of Caring

Join Us for a Night of Stories

Saturday, October 22, at 5:45 pm MDT
Aurora Ballroom A, Gaylord Rockies

Bedside Stories was a great time to let our hair down, hear inspiring stories, and be reminded of why we do what we do.
—JADPRO Live attendee

The third annual storytelling session at JADPRO Live features your fellow advanced practice peers speaking candidly about experiences that have shaped them as providers. Build connections, learn from diverse experiences, and be supported in your growth with extraordinary stories from your peers.

Call for Storytellers

To be considered, submit an outline of a personal story you'd like to tell on stage. This is an excellent opportunity to enrich your public speaking portfolio and share your unique experiences.

For questions about submissions, please email us at The submission deadline is September 2, 2022. Storytellers will be selected and contacted by mid-September.

Submit your story

This Year's Theme: Lessons Learned

Frank Sonnenberg writes, “Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned.” At this special JADPRO Live evening event, we invite you to share that story about a critical lesson from a patient encounter or clinical practice that has shaped you as an advanced practitioner.

Most importantly, tell us both the positives and negatives of hard-won wisdom.

Here are some tips for planning your story.



Do be truthful about funny, embarrassing, or tragic events in your story Don't make up any part of your story
Do keep your tone conversational and casual Don't speak as if you’re giving a lecture
Do include specifics Don't be vague
Do tell us your unique, inner monologue. What was going through your head at that time? Don't simply recount a timeline of events
Do be vulnerable and show emotion while telling your story Don't tell a story about something you don't feel strongly about

The Moth also has storytelling tips and tricks.

The submission deadline is September 2, 2022.

Submit your story

Storytellers will be selected and notified by mid-September.

For questions about submissions, please email