Video Release Notice

During the meeting, there may be sessions in which attendees can turn on their devices’ camera and participate via video chat. The organizers of the conference encourage all attendees to take part via video so that they may better connect with their fellow attendees.

The purpose of this notice is to inform you that Harborside, the conference organizer of JADPRO Live, will be recording these sessions. By connecting via video, you acknowledge that Harborside may record your participation and that you consent to such a recording.

Your participation also confirms that Harborside may use your likeness solely in connection with the recordings without further permission from you. Furthermore, by connecting via video, you agree that the rights to use such recordings in connection with JADPRO Live are given by you without limitation and will apply to any format or means, media, and technologies now known.

Harborside will not edit recordings of these sessions in any way to alter their scientific and clinical reliability and relevance. Your participation does not give or grant permission or license to use the recordings for: (a) any activity that constitutes sales or marketing of any pharmaceutical product, device, technology or process; or (b) any activity directed at the general public or which can reasonably be described as medical advice or care.

If you do not wish to grant Harborside permission to use your likeness in connection with JADPRO Live, please email Tamiko Trotman at Harborside ( and let us know that you wish to opt out. Also, to ensure compliance with your request, please do not turn on your device’s camera during these relevant sessions.